Murfreesboro TN Weekend News Headlines All Ending On A Positive Note

The Daily Journal is the biggest news source for what’s going on in the city of Murfreesboro TN. It has been for quite some time. Let’s take a look at the headlines for The Boro this weekend. You have a chance to slow down, catch up and see what’s going on in the news in Murfreesboro TN.

The top news story is about Rob Lyons, the city manager. He is going to resign, and this news story was reported previously, too. It is still trending as the top headline in The Boro, and it’s not based on a scandal or anything. He is a young guy, and he has bigger opportunities. Being the City Manager is quite a big position, and it makes you wonder what he aspires to do next.

There is also a news story about whether or not the musical legacy of The Murphy Center can be restored. In sports news, the MTSU women’s basketball team is coming off a victory against Troy, 73-57. Don’t you just like how the news in Murfreesboro is full of stories that aren’t tragic? There are those stories in The Boro, too, but Murfreesboro overwhelmingly still has that small town appeal.

The Murfreesboro Shoney’s is also reopening. A place called Taco Garage opened up today in Murfreesboro, too. MTSU is also selling bowl tickets, and they have sold 2,400 so far. That seems like a small number, but I am sure they are going to sell many more. That’s all for now when it comes to the news in Murfreesboro except the Bridge over Broad story continuing to trend. Aren’t you glad we made it through a short news report without having to worry about dealing with any tragic headlines. They are out there, but for this round of news, that’s all folks.